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Got It?! Believing when we pray is crucial Is Hell Real? Such Pain-Such Joy! Lost In The Canadian Wilderness. Zack's Healing. Googling The Holy Spirit. Power Prayer Christian Testimony. Paralyzed Twice - Healed Twice! Worldwide Prayer Healed Grandson! Miraculously Healed of Cancer! A Christian testimony of faith in action. Thinking About Suicide? God Healed Grandpa's Eye! The Holy Spirit Knows! My Baby Boy.

Fasting and Prayer Story (fasting works!)

Angels To Our Rescue. Precious Testimonies Praying For People - 1. Divine Intervention! Insides Healed! Rise Up And Walk. Kneeling With My Precious Daughter. Keep Praying And Believing! Encouragement For Prayer Warriors. Staunch Atheist Bows To Jesus. My Eyes Were Miraculously Healed! Asking - Trusting - Receiving. Who IS This Jesus? This is the question a Muslim kept asking! Desperation: A Secret to Trusting the Lord?Jesus Did It! If you're in a season where you are struggling with praying, you no doubt need some encouragement.

Please, let's take a little refresher course regarding prayer to receive some encouragement. Jesus tells us very matter of factly that when we pray in the proper manner, our heavenly Father will reward us.

Who of us wants to refuse God's rewards? NOT ME! For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men.

True Stories To Inspire: The Power of Prayer & Fasting Testimonies

Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. Here is another scripture promise that reinforces what Jesus just told us above:. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

If praying unselfishly, especially against evil, if that isn't 'doing the work of the Lord', I don't know what IS! Yet here is where Satan tries to shut down our prayer lives.

He relentlessly puts darts of doubt in our minds, trying to convince us that God most likely is not going to answer our prayers, or that we've already prayed about a given matter, so what's the point in bringing it back up to God? What the devil conveniently forgets to remind us of is the FACT that if we persistently keep praying unselfishly, especially against evil, our heavenly Father is going to reward us for it ' whether the prayer gets answered the way we hope God will answer it or not!

Let's remind ourselves often ' Jesus didn't say that our heavenly Father is going to reward us by answering our prayers. Major big difference. Satan trips us up because He knows we're wired in wanting God to answer our prayers. And when we don't see our prayers answered right away, or at all, we get discouraged and find reason to not want to pray as much.

It's in those times of not seeing our prayers answered that we tend to forget we STILL are going to receive a reward from our heavenly Father for simply praying ' period. Of course we may not be granted our full reward until we get to heaven for praying, but the wise Christian has learned to trust God to grant rewards when and however He so wills. God's timing is always perfect, and His ways of rewarding us are also always perfect.

fasting and prayer miracle testimonies

Let us learn to rest in that. Can a person spend too much time and effort praying? The Holy Spirit is fully capable of moderating such matters. Engaging in the spiritual discipline of fasting becomes a bit more challenging than just praying, doesn't it? We all love food, especially when we decide to go without it for a short while for the purpose of fasting!

Praying just involves our time and mental focus. But just the mere thought of giving up food for a short season is enough to keep many Christians from fasting ' that is how determined Satan is to keep us from incorporating fasting with our prayers.

Praying and fasting has been known to move God to do miracles, and Satan does not like to see God do miracles that glorify God and make us more determined to fast in the future as the occasion is warranted.

Tuck this precious spiritual nugget away.

fasting and prayer miracle testimonies

When praying alone doesn't seem to bring breakthrough in a given situation, consider fasting as well. Testimonies abound of people seeking breakthrough when they engaged in some fasting along with praying. The Old Testament gives many examples of how God honored fasting when God's people needed major breakthrough.Sapna left the witch doctors, frustrated and disappointed to again be met with failure. Doctors were unsuccessful in treating her severe pain, and now even the witch doctors couldn't find a cure.

Sapna wondered why faithfully obeying her religious customs for so many years hadn't brought her the blessings she expected. As part of the local priest's family, she had diligently worshipped since her childhood. Why, then, did she lack peace?

fasting and prayer miracle testimonies

And why was she plagued with this unbearable pain in her body? In the midst of her deep distress, Sapna heard about three Women's Fellowship team members in her area who regularly gathered with ladies for times of prayer, worship and discipleship.

What's more, she heard that when these women prayed to Jesus, He answered their prayers and healed many people from their problems. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Without delay, Sapna approached the Women's Fellowship sisters and shared the burdens of her heart.

Disillusioned by all her failed efforts to receive healing through her rituals, she asked the sisters to pray to Jesus for her. The three ladies, Aastha, Barkha and Madhu, comforted Sapna from the Word of God and assured her they would pray fervently for her.

They told Sapna who Jesus is, and as Sapna heard the wonderful news about His love and sacrifice, her faith in Christ began to grow. For three days, Aastha, Barkha and Madhu prayed and fasted, believing Jesus for a miracle in Sapna's life.

Then, just as He healed the blind and the lame when He walked on Earth, Jesus healed Sapna from her severe pain. Overwhelmed by the answered prayers and God's powerful working in her life, a restored Sapna asked the Great Physician to heal her stained heart as well, and to make it His home. After experiencing such complete transformation, Sapna encouraged her husband to join her in attending worship services with the other believers in their village and soon he discovered the power of Jesus for himself.

Although she was raised in a family dedicated to their traditional religious heritage, Sapna's search for peace and healing led her to Jesus. Now, she and her husband rejoice in their knowledge of God and pray their relatives may one day know His great love, too. Read how God revealed His love to a man whose village worshipped him as a god. This article originally appeared on Assist News Service.Learn More.

For more information, visit ECFA. We no longer support Internet Explorer. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox. During my recent pregnancy, I was diagnosed multiple times with two very serious life-threatening medical conditions that were endangering my life, and the life of my unborn child.

I was consumed by fear and anxiety, worried that I may not survive, my baby may not survive, and if something were to happen to me - who would raise my child? Then came the fast. I began fasting for healing. I heard that Pastor Franklin would be laying hands on people and praying for them during The Miracle Service.

I knew that I had to attend this service. During The Miracle Service, God gave me an image of the woman with the issue of blood. God reminded me that her faith is what healed her.

Moments later, Pastor Franklin began preaching about that very same story - about the woman whose faith made her well. At that moment, I knew The Lord was speaking to me. I went through the prayer line, believing and expecting for a miracle. The following day, I had an appointment with my doctor to reveal the full extent of the health crisis I was facing. All of my results came back clear. There were no signs of either life-threatening medical condition.

Both conditions were completely gone. I am so thankful to Free Chapel for teaching me the power of fasting and prayer. Without this church, I do not know where I would be. I never actually believed that I was worthy of healing. I believed it could happen to others, but I never imagined that it could, or would, happen to me. Thank you so much. Tour Israel Nov. Remember me. Sign Up. Financial Accountability. Our Conferences. Sign in or create a account to participate in this discussion.

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I am from united states of america, I want to testify of how i got cured of HIV, I got infected with HIV disease invisited several herbalists, spiritualists and pastors for cure but all to no avail, my world was gradually coming to an end until,i searched google and read about possible cures to get cured of hiv. I pray for you Dr.Prayer can move mountains. Although the Christians in the family have been trying to get him to believe in Jesus, he was always unwilling and said several times before that unless Jesus appears to him, he will not believe in Him.

Last week, when Angela and her family were in Malaysia, they received news that the brother was in a critical condition. She prayed together with her husband and three kids and in their prayers, they prayed that the brother will see Jesus face to face. Upon reaching back to Singapore, they heard that the brother had slipped into a coma. In his semi-consciousness, he saw a man clothed in white.

When he woke up, he asked who the man was and the family told him it must have been Jesus. He has since been discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home. And last night, in my home, my dad received salvation and accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior!

He has been on a wheelchair since late April this year. I prayed for my dad every single day for 21 days of prayer. Initially, nothing much happened. I was taking care of my dad at home and watching the service online. As I was praying, my dad suddenly got up and started walking downstairs! I want to thank God for healing my dad! I have been going many months without any work projects. For the past four months, my company has been retrenching staff.

Just this week, I received a job offer to manage an admin team! Praise the Lord! He made a commitment to God to go on vegetable fast and quit smoking during the 21 days of fast and prayer.

Since 1 June, he has been able to keep his commitment to fast and has not smoked at all. He is also reaching out to his friends, and has successfully integrated two new friends into our cell group. He really has experienced a breakthrough in his personal life. During this time, God used me in my song leading at an Encounter session during our youth camp, Camp Alive!

Healing Fasting Testimonies

During the session, God moved strongly and many members were touched and heard from God. People also wept in the presence of God throughout the session. The breakthroughs and experiences that God has given to me during this time are life-changing. I have decided that I will go on a day period prayer and fasting once a year. Who We Are. The City News Team. Related Articles. February 25, December 2, The God Of Restoration October 12, Our Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting is in full swing!

Check out these testimonies from people who have been seeking God to bring breakthrough in different areas of their lives. We hope you are encouraged as we are! One of my faith goals in was healing for my mother-in-law.

She was diagnosed to have stage four lymphoma. Praise God for this! I have been childless for six years. I joined our Prayer and Fasting in and asked God for a baby. I got pregnant after that. Last year, I joined again and got pregnant with my second child. God really opened my womb. What an amazing God! My husband and I have joined the annual Prayer and Fasting since God never fails to do more than we ask for!

When our child was three months old, he was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis and God healed him! Cage Liongson of Victory Fort Bonifacio narrates the story of how their youngest son was cured of an illness that would have resulted to mental retardation and required lifelong treatment. Watch the full video here. InI prayed and fasted for family salvation.

Three months later, my wife started attending Victory and accepted Christ. We both finished Victory Weekend that year and have been attending small group meetings regularly. At may extra pa: my sisters-in-law have been attending service since the early part of Amazing how God answers prayer. This year, I prayed for a promotion and increase in salary. To my surprise, our boss talked to me during Day Four of Prayer and Fastinggiving me good news. I made that as one of my faith goals in God faithfully answered my request.

Despite the company crisis, retrenchment, and cost cutting, God provided for me. He is so awesome! Praise God for the wonderful breakthrough! Now I just finished my first semester at the University of Sydney and am looking forward to the start of school year !

Not only did I win in the Philippines, but I also won in three speech contests in Australia! My husband and I separated two months after I gave birth to our third child. It was the most painful trial ever. But God is amazing. He brought us back together after eight months. During our first talk, my husband said that he missed God so much and wanted to repent and go back to Him.

fasting and prayer miracle testimonies

My brother and I were not in good terms in During the Prayer and Fasting, my sister and I fasted for a reconciliation with my brother. And God is really good.

Now, my brother and I are in good terms and he became more responsible as a brother and a son.